Thoughts on my new job (from CUF site)

I started working for Transforming Notts Together a month ago, so, four weeks in, what are my thoughts?

Well, I have enjoyed getting to know parts of Nottinghamshire I’ve never visited before. I like meeting new people and looking at how people or circumstances might connect with each other, so I can hardly believe that I am being paid to do that.

My highlights so far have been meeting with Carol from Bassetlaw Foodbank and agreeing to pool our knowledge on the agencies they are linked with and also meeting with Simon Cash the Area Dean for Bassetlaw and Bawtry. I have discovered networking events I can link up with as well as discovering more about both church and community activists.

I’ve spent time reflecting on the possible impact of living on the edge of another county (whether South Yorks, Derbyshire or Lincolnshire), so that you perhaps can access towns in the neighbouring county more easily than you can your own, and how this affects access to services, identity and relationship to the wider area.

I’ve also found out that many of the Pilgrim Fathers came from Bassetlaw and that plans are afoot to make more of this.

In the next month I hope to meet more church workers and leaders, increase my knowledge of local need and provision and, through a couple of training events, learn how other church-based development workers approach issues of poverty.


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